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Troubleshoot performance part 7. Additional tools

Additional tools for performance troubleshooting

Alternative tool for performance finding - SAR

Sar is the "system activity report" program found on *nix systems. In Linux, you can usually find it in the sysstat package, which includes programs and scripts to capture and summarize performance data, then produce detailed reports. This suite of programs can be useful in tracking down performance bottlenecks and providing insight into how the system is used throughout the day.

Material from:

Showing io usage per process

Showing IO usage per process is not possible out-of-the box in the Linux world (at least to my knowledge). Open source tools exists. They require 2.60.20 kernel (you almost certainly have a newer version than that by now) or newer so that the TASK_DELAY_ACCT ja TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING options are set on.

From a very early google search at least the following tools are available (I have no experience in using these tools):


Home page:
see a note on using iotop here:

Collectl has the ability to monitor processes in pretty much the same way as ps or top do as can be see here:
To Probe Further
There is a large set of other options in collectl. See the documentation at:

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