maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

part 11 - Repository Creation Utility tool for DB schemas

Repository creation utility (RCU)

RCU is a tool that creates needed DB users, tables spaces and tables that are requires for many fusion middleware components.

Installation with RCU goes as follows:

Move RCU to the machine, unzip and run as oracle user. RCU is a tool that creates a number of DB users and creates needed database tables so that SOA Suite can later be installed.
I first moved the RCU zip file to the machine as user oracle with winscp, moved it to staging area and unpacked it with unzip. The name of the zip file was:, downloaded from OTN.
The command to run is rcu.
#cd rcuHome/bin

 I selected SOA and BPM as the middleware components to be supported- the tool then added the meta data services as this is required by SOA Suite.

 And the process is completed.

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