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Part 12. WebLogic Server install

WLS installation
Move wls sw to the machine, unpack and execute. I moved the file wls1036_linux32.bin to the linux machine using winscp (as user oracle). Switched to the terminal screen where I was logged as oracle. Moved the binary to directory that I was using as a temporary staging area.
Then I gave the file execute rights, changed the owner to oracle and group oinstall and executed it. It is a self-extracting binary that unpacks into a number of subdirectories:
#chown oracle:oinstall wls1036_linux.bin
#chmod +x wls1036_linux32.bin
#./ wls1036_linux32.bin
This starts the installation program that first self-extracts.
[oracle@soaserver2 stage2]$ chmod +x wls1036_linux32.bin
[oracle@soaserver2 stage2]$ ./wls1036_linux32.bin
The defaults are valid for most steps. One of the things the subsequent pages ask is the directory where you want to install the sw. I selected /u01/app/mwsoa (in case I ever need to have additional wls installs for something else). The install program will also ask if you want to register for security updates. I de-selected this as I already get them due to a prior registration.
BTW: You can also install wls from console or have a silent install prepared, but I’ve never had the need for that.

The first page of the installation starts
Set new middleware home and select location

 New home creation.

Location where web logic server SW is to be installed

Summary of options

 Completed. You should also Unchek Run Quickstart before pressing done (do what I say, not what I did :-)

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