maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

Part 14. Create SOA Domain

Next, let’s create a SOA domain
Create domain with config.s. You need here also the be logged on as user oracle.

# cd /u01/app/mwsoa/Oracle_SOA1/common/bin
(change cd command according to wherever you installed your sw)

Select the components that you want to install. I selected:
  • Soa Suite
  • BAM
  • Enterprise manager
  • WSM (oracle common)
  • Some selections get set automatically based on prior selection like the JRF
-          If you want to use BPM Suite, you might select them now, or create a separate domain for them (if you go that route you need to know that BPM Suite requires that SOA Suite is also installed so in that case you'd have to install SOA Suite twice; and perhaps also use the RCU twice to get the separate BPM install working). Separate domains shortens the startup time if you do not always need for example BPM Suite as you can start each domain on need basis.

Admin username and password.

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