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part 15 - starting servers

Starting the servers

First we can start the admin server. Go to directory (on my machine):
 #cd /u01/app/mwsoa/user_projects/domains/soa_domain
And give the command
# ./

This will start the admin server.
When we start the other server (soa_server1 and bam_server1), we will have to type in the username and password every time. 

There is a way to automate this by creating files called boot.propeties.

First you need to go to the servers subdirectory. On my setup it is at:
What you have there are several subdirs like AdminServer, soa_server1 and bam_server1. 
 Note: If you have installed SOA Suite in development mode, you will only have AdminServer directory and starting the weblogic server first time starts everything.

Admin server already has a subdir called security and a file called where the username and pwd are encrypted. We use this as template.

Create new directories called security under sub-directories soa_server1 and bam_server1 (e.g. on my environment /u01/app/mwsoa/user_projects/domains/soa_domain/servers/soa_server1/security)
Copy from under AdminServer/security first to soa_server1/security directory. Edit the username and pwd there (set them in cleartext) (when the soa_server1 starts, it will read the file, encrypt username and pwd and update the Copy the newly edited under bam_server1/security.
Now we are ready and can start the soa_server1. Go to dir
#cd /u01/app/mwsoa/user_projects/domains/soa_domain/bin
And star soa_server1 with command
#./ soa_server1
This will start the soa suite. Now you have a fully configured environment and can start using the environment and developing and deploying composite services from jDeveloper etc.
If you need the BAM, you can start it with
#./ bam_server1
Note: Next time the machine boots, none of the services will come up (neither DB, nor SOA Suite). 

For that we would have to set these up as Linux services. Also Oracle Service Bus is missing at the moment. But this will do for me for the moment.

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