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Tutorial 1. Part 1. Introduction - Hands-on with Oracle SOA Suite 11g


In this tutorial we develop a simple end-to-end use case with Oracle SOA Suite as a hands-on guide to help people learn the mechanics of using it.

Let’s take a simple scenario where we need to react to external events. Events are collected, some additional checks are made to filter uninteresting events or to enhance the event data and finally a corrective action is performed as an end-result.

Example use cases for this type of functionality could be:
  • A car rental company has GPS chip attached to each car and a geo-fencing solution which sends an event every time a car enters or exists home location for cars. These events are cough with the process to do a simple check whether the car has been rented out, going for maintenance or is leaving for unknown reasons.
  • A device being managed sends an event when it is over its threshold or not working correctly. For example a process monitoring application could pass events whenever a process being managed is no longer performing well.
The sample application is just for illustrative purposes, a real life application would live in a much more complex environment where the data sources for information would be existing applications available often via some type of company-wide enterprise service bus or messaging infrastructure.

Technically this is implemented so that with SOA Suite we either accept incoming requests via web services or later also have an alternate interface that is watching for files appearing in a given directory, parse the files for the attributes they contain and start a simple process. The process checks external database to see if there is a valid reason for the event. For example the device or car that sent the event could be rented out or undergoing repairs. Finally for all other events, we fetch from another data source a set of actions that are linearly processes. For flexibility we just executed external scripts where the implementation team could act their needed logic such as sending an email or starting another corrective process. Some of the parameters from the input file are given as parameters to these scripts.

Soa server sw installation
This tutorial does not cover installation. Earlier entries tell how to install on Eucalyptus on-premises cloud but there are also several good resources on the net for soa suite install on windows. You might check at least:

which shows you how to install on windows and contains snapshot of every screen or you might take a look at installation videos at:

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