keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013

Tutorial 1 part 38. Final testing and end of tutorial

Deploy the composite and see how the input file vanishes and log back onto enterprise manager and see that several new instances created. This is because our test fie contains multiple rows. For each row you will see a request being created. You can view the results by clicking on them and check that the service is performing as before.

That’s all – you’ve now completed a complete end-to-end use case with SOA Suite seeing among other things how to:

  •  Create XML schemas and WSDL files 
  •  Create database tables with SQL developer and jDeveloper 
  •  Create data sources with WebLogic Server Console 
  •  Create web services in Java with jDeveloper and Deploy them to WebLogic Apps server.
  • Test Web services via WebLogic Console
  • Use File, Database and Web Services adapters
  • Create business logic with BPEL
  • Adapt data formats with Mediator 
  • Test composite services with Enterprise Manager Console and SOAP UI

Now you are ready to have fun with SOA Suite and start learnig more!

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