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Tutorial 1. part 13.- use database adapter in jDeveloper

Adding Database adapter

Drag and drop the database adapter to the most right most lane. This is the lane where the services that are being used by our composite service are being defined. A wizard opens.

You need a database connection follow the wizards
Name your adapter:

You need to define connection to database (you should have the connection drop down box as empty on the first time - this snapshot is from an already configured sample).

If you did not have a connection yet to the DB, you need the press the green plus sign on the dialog that is above to define connection parameters

Define whether you’ll be inserting data to db, selecting from it, running sql procedures etc

What tables we select from. Initially there are no tables. Press the Import tables button to show a selection wizard.

Use first the Query button to populate the selection area on the left with available tables and then the arrow button to move one or more tables to the right.

After this you return to the previous page and will see after a while the selected table(s) there.

Relationships. We’ll be making no joins as we make a simple select from a single table

What fields to use

Form the actual select statement to execute and what parameters it must have:

Press the Add button to add a parameter (we want to add the license_plate as selection criteria).

Define that the operation is equal with the newly added parameter

Final statement generated

Advanced options that you rarely change


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