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Tutorial 1 part 12 - create an empty BPEL process

Creating the BPEL process
Drag and drop the BPEL service engine into the center part of the canvas. This starts a dialog for defining what type of process you want to create. Select:

BPEL 2.0 process

Name: VehicleStatus

Template: Synchronous process

Expose as SOAP service. This will create the WSDL interface for us automatically.

Input -> select the magnifying class button. This allows us to define what message to accept as input. Select vehicleStatusQuery.

Do the same for output and make it as vehicleStatusResponse
Press ok.
You have created and empty BPEL process and the output interface. The canvas should look like this:

Changing operation name (optional step)
By default the operation is called “process”. We can change it next.This is totally optional by the way. Double click on the VehicleStatus.wsdl file that was created and is visible on the left side . 

Note: From this editor you can later manage the interface. You could for example add additional operations to the service interface when the need arises.
Press right button on top of the process operation and select refactor. Change it to queryStatus for example.

That’s it.

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