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Tutorial 1. Part 23 - Create new application for the main logic of our example


Now we are at a phase where the actual development of the main workflow can start.

Creating a new project

File->New-> Current project technologies tab->General->Applications->SOA Application

Next page give the application a new name.  An application is more a workspace than an application as an application can consists of multiple projects.
Give project name. A single application can consist of multiple projects. Each project will become a service or composite service that can be separately deployed.

Select composite template. You can safely select ‘Empty Composite’ but if you know that you’ll be creating just a business rule or a BPEL process, you can select these templates. Templates just pre-populate a service engine and start the wizard associated with it (e.g. if you say you are creating a composite with BPEL process, the same wizard is started as if you had manually dragged-and-dropped BPEL service engine to the canvas).

If you selected ‘Empty Composite’, you will see the empty canvas to which you can start adding interfaces and business logic.

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