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Tutorial 1. Part 16 - testing newly deployed service

Testing newly deployed composite service.
Now we are ready to test the composite service.
Log onto the enterprise manager at:
Click open SOA->soa-infra->simpletutorial (or default if you deployed the composite to that partition)

Click on VehicleStatus and select the tab called Test

Input test data to form fields

Write manually ABC-123 to the license_number field. And some valid datatime for event time (e.g. 2012-11-10T10:10:10)
Finally press the Test Webservice button that is at the bottom of the page.
If you’ve made a mistake in creating the data source and connection pools, you will get an error about data bindings. Double check all the names (and especially the lowercase- uppercase differences) in the datasource and deployments part (done that – been there…).

Let’s check what happens if we use for a license plate that does not exist in the database.

Clearly it is not working. So let’s add a little bit of logic to handle the case of zero rows returning back from the select query.
First we need to add a variable to host the number of the rows returned. If it is zero we will add a default return value.
In the BPEL editor there is a icon that looks like (x) on the left side on the canvas. The tooltip for it is variables…

Click on it. Add a variable names RowCount and make it an integer. You add variables by pressing on the green plus icon.

You can select the type of the variable by pressing the magnifying glass icon.

Finally press Ok.
Next set the value for the variable. Drag and drop the assign operation to the canvas before the “AssignReturnValue” operation, name it “AssingRowCount” and double click it.

We need to set the RowCount. We need to do this with an expression. Drag and drop the expression icon on top of the RowCount variable on the right side of the “Copy Rules” operation.

This opens up an expression editor.

Open up the InputVehicleStatus_OuputputVariable until you reach VehicleStatusCollection. Press the InsertIntoExpression button.
Remove the bpw:getVariableData part away. We will be replacing this with another function.
We need to turn this into the rown count. This is done with the BPEL XPath extension functions that you need to select on the functions part. Take the cursor to the beginning of the Expression row and select the countNodes from the BPEL XPath extension functions. Press the Insert into Expression button. Move the closing ) to the end of the row and remove the bpws:getVariableData function call. Your expression should be:
We still turn this into number (from the Conversion functions).
Note: You can skip this part also if you apply the ora:CountNodes directly in the if statement which follows next. 

Press Ok to close the dialog.

Last part to add is an if statement.
Drag and drop switch after the just added assignment.

Click on the first condition. Change label to zero rows. Click on the condition button for defining the function. Insert rowCount into the expression text area. Edit it to
bpws:getVariableData('RowCount') = 0
Press ok twice to close.
Note: You can shorten the above part and remove the auxiliary variable (RowCount) completely if you apply the ora:CountNodes expression directly here.
Add an assignment statement into the flow and double click on it. Change assignment name to DefaultReturnNotFound.  

Double click on it. Open OutputVariable on the right side and drag and drop the expression icon on top of it. Add a default value there. Close it.

Finally move the original return assignenment to the default branch.

Now we are done. Save everyting by pressing the save button or from file->save all.
Deploy again and test again
Test first with data that has a match in db (like ABC-123 license plate) and then when there is no data.

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