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Tutorial 1. Part 22 - Deploying and testing the java web service

Deploying the service
You can deploy the web service. Right clik on top of the ScriptWrapper on the Application Navigator and select Deploy.

Deploy to the AdminServer

Testing from WebLogic Console
As an alternative to integrated weblogic server, you can also do testing (and management) of your services form WebLogic console. First logon on to it.
Select Deployments and page until you find your newly deployed service. Click it open.
Select the service (row which says it is a Web Service)

There is a Testing tab – select it.

Click on the rown that says “Test Client”. Since this is a service taking in variable arguments, the test client will not show a nicely formatted form like normally with other web services but you will have to edit a little bit the XML for add the number of parameters you want.

I edited so that the request became:
<executeScript xmlns="">
  <script xmlns="">a.bat</script>
  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
  <arg xmlns="">param1</arg>
  <arg xmlns="">param2</arg>
Fill in values and press execute – the results are presented

We now have created a java based web service for executing external scripts and a ready to continue with our main composite service development.

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