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Tutorial 1. Part 8. Create a new SOA application with jDeveloper

Mockup for reservation service

There is no standard for vehicle reservation systems. For this tutorial we will create a mockup service that has a minimalistic interface. Basically you can send it a the license plate number and it will reply with the status of the vehicle - whether it is rented, on maintenance etc.

In a real situation you would most likely have more parameters and the mockup service would be replaces with a service that integrates with one or more real backend systems.
Create a new Application

We’ll start by creating a new application.

File->New->General->applications->SOA Application

Select SOA Project as the project type
Project Name: Vehicle StatusService
Select Next
Select Empty Composite and press finish.

 Now you have created an empty composite. We actually created an application and one project inside it. It is the projects that become composite services that we can deploy and run on the soa-infastructure. I (I personally think Oracle’s naming here is quite confusing. I personally would think that one project could contain multiple applications as each of these projects becomes a deployable service on the SOA Suite but the naming is actually just reverse.)

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