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Tutorial 1. Part 2 - starting SOA Suite


First thing naturally to do is to startup SOA Suite. You do this simply by going to the main directory of the main domain you created and using the startWebLogic.cmd command. In my environment it goes like this:


D:\>cd Oracle\Middleware\home_PS5\user_projects\domains\domain1


If you have installed SOA Suite in development mode (recommended for stand-alone testing), this will start all soa components together. In production environments there will be two separate managed servers: AdminServer and soa_server1. We will return later to them. Both are what Oracle calls managed servers, but they have different roles.

In production the enterprise manager (EM) which is the application used for managing the SOA Suite environment is hosted on the AdminServer. All your SOA Composite Services will on the other hand get hosted on the soa_server1. Also the SOA infrastructure runs on soa_server1. In production environment it is best practice to install them to separate managed servers so you can scale them independently etc. (you typically do not need to scale the AdminServer). In development installation the AdminServer and soa_server1 gets installed together. This saves memory on developer machines. The bam_server1 (BAM is a real time dashboard showing what happens in your processes and composite applications) is installed separately. You do not need it always and the BAM is seems to consume quite a lot of resources so having it as a separately startable managed server speeds up the startup.

At the end of the startup you see that the server is in RUNNING mode. Checks also for text “SOA Platform is running and accepting requests”

<6.12.2012 21.45.50 EET> <Notice> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000331> <Started WebLogic Admin Server "AdminServer" for domain "domain1" running in Development Mode>

<6.12.2012 21.45.50 EET> <Notice> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000365> <Server state changed to RUNNING>

<6.12.2012 21.45.50 EET> <Notice> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000360> <Server started in RUNNING mode>

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