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Tutorial 1. Part 20 - (optional) Testing java web services with fixed number of arguments

Diversion - Testing web services that have fixed number of arguments … Not working with variable args in
The first version of this service had a fixed number of args and there is a convenient way to test such web services directly in jDeveloper. As this is the most common way to create java based web services, we’ll cover it here as well albeit it is not relevant to our end-to-end use case.
You can test your web service via the embedded weblogic that is contained in the jDeveloper. In the Application Navigator right click on the java class and select “Test Web Service”. This dialog open

Select in WLS(JSR-181)

This starts the web logic server inside jDeveloper

The actual testing is done with HTTP Analyzer (next tab next to the Running tab). You can send request for example by clicking on the Target URL link on the Running tab. Alternatively you can use the create request icon that is also in the toolbar of the HTTP analyzer tab.
Send the request by pressing the Send Request button.

HTTP analyzer will show the results

You can shutdown the integrated WebLogic server by pressing the red square that is one of the tooltips in the Running window. You can either stop the running service or the whole application server
If you try this with our example with variable arguments, you’ll get an error message. There are workarounds however or you can use the WebLogic Console based approach shown in following parts.

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