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Tutorial 1. Part 26. Creating BPEL process based on existing abstract WSDK file

Starting the composite editor.

Drag the BPEL SE from the Service Components pane into the main canvas. A dialog will open.
In the dialog, base the interface on the newly created WDSL

Press the Find Existing WSDLs button and a dialog will open.

The canvas should look like this:

You can double-click on the BPEL process icon to open the empty BPEL process.
This will show the GEoFenceEventProcessor on the canvas at the partner link lane and an empty flow just with receive and return operations.

You can also view the XML of the generated BPEL by selecting the source tab. This shows what the actual current process looks like. You can also directly edit the XML version and the graphical representation will update accordingly when you switch between the views. This is fairly rare but sometimes I have commented out sections in BPEL flows. This is handy if there is some error and you cannot figure out what part of the BPEL flow is generating it. By commenting out sections until the error clears you can pin-point the right part where something fishy is happening. The XML comments start with <!—and end with --> -

Business logic

Next we start adding business logic
We want to make the process database driven. The first set of logic will be roughly as follows:
-          - Look at a new database table that we create what actions to perform for the incoming event
-          - We want to add some additional parameter values into this table. What parameters are needed depends entirely on the environment where you are.

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