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Tutorial 1. Part 21 - testing java web service with variable number of arguments

Testing in jDeveloper                                                                                    
You can follow the following procedure the test the Web Service directly in jDeveloper without deploying to external WebLogic apps server and using the WebLogic console for testing.
1.       Start embedded WLS (In Application Server Navigator [Ctrl-Shift-G if not visible] right click on IntegratedWeblogicServer -> Start Server Instance)

1.       Deploy to IntegratedWeblogicServer

1.       In ApplicationServerNavigator open IntegratedWebLogicServer/Web Services and right click on the WS port -> Test Web Service

Use HTTP analyzator to test as described before

After testing like this you need to remember to do undeploy also.


Second  workaround
It seems jDeveloper also works if you create a dummy WS in style
  public String echo(String s) {return s;}
Now JDeveloper will start the http analyzator.


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