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Tutorial 1. Part 10 - Alternate way of creating database schemas with jDeveloper

Alternate way to create database tables

You can also create database tables with jDeveloper. I will here only show how it is done, the values are arbitrary here.

1. Create a new project (DB and Database (Offline) technology)

2. New -> Database Tier / Offline database Objects/Offline Database

3. New -> Database Tier/ Offline database Objects/Table

This opens a dialog that looks identical to the SQL Developer and most likely has the same code underneath.

4. Finally over the scheme use the right-most mouse button ->Generate and this will open a dialog that allows either to a script of the tables to a real database through a database connection.

    a dialog opens up

New -> Database Tier / Offline database Objects/Offline Database

 You can then use the same wizard (as with SQL Developer) to add columns, define their data types etc.

Start generating the SQL creation scripts

Generated script

Once you have created the database tables in the DB, you can add data to the database via the Database Navigator.
First create a DB connection

After that you can see it:

Click on a table and then right-clikk on the table name in structure pane and select “Properties..:”, this will open the dialog that allows you to directly edit contents. This is the same editor we have already seen with SQL Developer.

Benefits of using jDeveloper alternative

I’ve personally used SQL Developer more but the benefit of using jDeveloper is that the schema remains with the application as it’s own project so this is more preferable from maintenance and hand-over point of view.

To Probe Further on database issues

You can also start data modeling from UML level and them move to physical models. There is a quite good tutorial here:

Also if you need more know-how on Oracle database, there is a very nice tutorial on becoming an DBA in two days. See it here: 

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