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Tutorial 1 part 15 - Deployiment

Assign results to reply value
Add assign statement by dragging and dropping it after the invoke operation.
Double click on the assignment. Change its name to “AssignReturnValue” and make a copy operation between the return value of the invocation (InvokeVehicleStatus_OutputVariable) and the status attribute OutputVariable . Note: you can also change names of operationsby cliking on the name in the BPEL flow editor. This allows direct editing the name.

Deploy to apps server

Note: It might be useful to click also the Overwrite checkbox. If you do it, then text “VehicleStatus to soalocal” will be added as an alternative in the Deploy menu and you can in future deploy and overwrite old versions without going through this wizard again.
Select server where to deploy (remember when we created the connection from jDeveloper to SOA Suite installation)

Select the partition where to deploy

Fixing error if you changed the operation name (via refactoring)

Fixing error. It seems just changing the operation name did not change it everywhere. I needed to search for the operation “process” and change its name to “queryStatus”.

You can double click on the row where the error is and jDeveloper opens up the right component where the error is. In this case it is the bpel flow where the refactoring did not change the operation name.
Change process in the bpel flow by going to the xml format. Look for rows that have operation=”process” and rename to “process” to “queryStatus” so the end result is like this:
<receive name="receiveInput" partnerLink="vehiclestatus_client" portType="client:VehicleStatus" operation="queryStatus" variable="inputVariable" createInstance="yes"/>
Deploy again. Here at latest you need to remember to use the “Overwrite” checkbox.

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