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Tutorial 1 part 6. Configuring database adapter to use newly created data source

Configuring database adapter to use the created data source
Now we have created the data source and that has also created a connection pool.  Here we configure the DBAdapter to use an earlier used data source and connection pool. We also give it a new name “eid/DB/etc…”.  From DBApter configuration point of view we are creating a new connection pool through that association.
Go to deployments - > click DBAdapter in the table of deployments

Click Configuration -> Outgoing connection pools

Click new and select javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory option box. Click next.

Add a name for the JNDI: eis/DB/simpledemoDatabase
This is the value you will later need to input from jDeveloper when you create apps and need a database connection.  It’s different from the data source jndi name. This is the name that DBAdapter knows the data source by. I assume DBAdapter will have some own attributes associated with it so a different name is called for.

Press next

If you already have created a database plan, this is what the screen looks like. You need to select the plan that this connection pool belongs to. If you just installed you do not have a DB plan and you need to create one. Follow the instructions for installation (there install instructions I provided links to also contain steps for creating db resources and jms resources if you need to – if you followed them to the letter you should already have a DB plan and the screens should look like what I have)

Note: I have called the plan as Plan.xml but the best practice says that you should in your naming indicate that this is a database plan (there are also for example JMS plans etc). So it would be better to either use a subdirectory and name your plan like DB\Plan.xml or DBPlan.xml. So do as I say, not as I do…
Press ok and you should get a message of successful deployment

Link connection pool with data source
Final step is to link the connection pool with the data source created earlier.
Click on Configuration again and select outgoing connection pools. Expand the connection factory javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory

Click on the newly created simpledemoDatabase. Edit the xaDataSourceName (click on the Property Value field and it becomes an editable field). Add the data source name jdbc/simpleDemoDatabase there. Press enter at the end to save the value.

Press the Save button to save the values.

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