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Tutorial 1 part 33 - preparing output value

Output variable preparation
First create a temporary variable called outputTemp and make it of type geoFenceResponse. As the return value from the GeoFenceSvc is also a sequence, we need to also make use of append operations.

Add an assignment operation after the InvokeScriptRunner and name it AssignRetVal.
 In the assignment operation copy the script from InvokeGeoActions output to the OutputTemp->action (this is the script we ran) and copy the InvokeScriptRunner_OutputVariable->ReturnCode to OutputTemp->result (so we copy the result of running the script to the temp variable).

Add a new assignment operation (we could well do everything in the same assignment but this makes it more clear) and call it AssignOutput.
Copy from OutputTemp to the OutputVariable->part. You also need to make this an append operation.

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